Enabling development teams to take quick release decisions

The goal of this project was to create a solution which helps development teams to release whenever they are ready without the lack of compliance.

Project Info

Internal Project
UI & UX Design | User Research

Deploying and releasing software in a modern way means to deliver quick and compliance code to the customer. Pipelines & scanners check the code and create reports which needs to be checked and documented to make sure the code is secure and compliant.
So to be able to deliver software, product owners and development teams need to dig into several tools and scanners to grab reports to be able to judge the quality of a release.

From the very beginning of this project there was a very clear problem space. We validated and challenged the current process regarding releasing software to enable development teams to release faster while staying compliant.

We ideated over new approaches to redefine the release process while we did a ton of research to find out how teams are releasing their products and how we could support them getting faster.

We conducted several workshops to figure out how to automate the release process. We ideated on ways to display data for different kind of users which all had different needs when it comes to the level of detail they need to see when deciding for a release.

After several prototypes and a lot of attempts we came up with a simple dashboard which has the minimum amount of information the teams need to check in order to judge if they are ready to release their product.

With the new tool we changed the way how teams are handling compliance. Development teams are now able to release whenever they are ready without stumble across complex compliance topics. One overview with all needed information to judge a release with the option to dig into details when needed. Combining all relevant tools and services so that users have no need to dig deep into pipelines.