Smart program management that saves thousands of hours.

The goal of this project was to develop a tool which gives program managers transparency along their products.

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Private Project
UI & UX Design

Developing software which is sold to customers means not only to deploy & release code. Especially at large companies there are many aspects which are needed to take care of. From tracking dependencies to other products, fulfilling corporate requirements to simply documenting the release, just to name a few. All these tasks requires a lot of knowledge and a huge amount of time. For all these topics there are tools with which program managers can grab the needed information and copy paste it into other tools to document it. No need to say that this is an awful experience for everyone involved. Program managers are frustrated because of the endless amount of tools and team members are confused which data should be collected and documented.

With the new program management tool we created a game changer for program managers and teams. Combining different tools into one and displaying the right data at the right place save users a huge amount of time. Documentation is done automatically and the program manager is empowered to take trustworthy and fast decisions. We also reduced the tools the user needs to visit and created one access point for all information along their product.